Twilight Tour

For the first two days of spring break my girl and I have been traveling around seeing some of the locations where the movie Twilight was filmed. There are quite a few sites around the Portland area. We had talked about taking a Twilight Tour for some time, but the timing never worked out until now. I thought I’d post today about the first day, and then next week about the second day of our trip.

Before we set out on our journey I did some research on the locations. The best sight that I found was Twilight Girl. She has all the locations listed with the addresses and pictures from the movie to help you see more clearly what you are looking for.


Our First Stop Vernonia, OR


This is the intersection of Bridge and Jefferson in Vernonia, OR. At the beginning of the movie when Bella and her dad are in the cop car heading into town you will see some men standing here by some wood carvings.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-2And this is the bridge you will see the cop car driving over.


Also in Vernonia you will find the location where the Forks Police Station was filmed. It is really Wauna Federal Credit Union at 1010 Bridge St. Vernonia, OR. The employees there were so nice. They saw us taking pictures outside in the rain, and one lady ran out to us and asked if we would like a copy of some pictures that her boss took when the movie was being filmed. It was so nice of her to go out of her way to make our trip so much more fun.


Our Next Destination St. Helens, OR

From Vernonia we drove to St. Helens where a lot of the filming took place.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-4The first place we found was where the Bloated Toad Restaurant was filmed. The address is 330 S 1st Street St. Helens, OR. It is not really a restaurant, but just a private residence. The owners have done a lot of renovations on the house though, and we wouldn’t have recognized it had it not been for the house across the street that was also shown in the movie.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-5The house across the street.













Then we found Jilly’s. Jilly’s was not in the actual movie, but some of her dresses were. The owner was so friendly, and told us stories, and helped us with the locations of the rest of the places we planned to visit in town. Jilly’s is located at 299 S 1st Street St. Helens, OR.













Just down the street from Jilly’s was the scary alleyway Bella walked down.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-11If you walk through the alley and up the small hill you will find the Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore which is really an attorney’s office.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-12And then if you look to the right you will also see the parking lot where Edward saved Bella.













There you will find the two murals that the crew put up for the film.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-15Back on 1st Street you will see the Theatre sign that was shown in the movie.













Also, Cuts Plus located at 251 S 1st Street St. Helens, OR is where the dress shop was filmed. Bella sat in this window while her friends tried on dresses. The window looks out at City Hall.

























Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-22Our last stop in St. Helens was Bella’s house which is located at 184 S 6th Street St. Helens, OR. This home is so lovely. It looked just like it did in the movie. I was really glad that it hadn’t changed.


Kalama, WA was the Next Stop on Our Twilight Tour

Kalama High School is where the outside scenes in the parking lot were taken.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-24 Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-26












Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-25This school is so amazing. The architecture is to die for. The school also has a fantastic view of the river.


Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-28And if you walk around the back side of it you will see the area where Bella and Edward walk into the forest together. While we were back there we met one of the janitors. We told him what we were doing and he went and asked someone if he could take us inside and show us some of the interior areas that were in the movie. It was so nice of him to take the time to show us around.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-29He said that they filmed students walking to class through these windows.













He said these two hallways were also in the film — so now we need to watch the movie again so that we can identify them.


The Last Stop of Day One was Corbett, OR

After we left Kalama we traveled to Corbett.  40301 East Larch Mountain Road Corbett, OR is where the outdoor prom scene was filmed. Unfortunately the once beautiful View Point Inn now looks like this.


Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-33Here is what was reported in the local paper about the details of the fire.  Now it sits there dark and lonely. What a shame.  It was so beautiful in the movie. I wish that I had seen it before the damage.

Twilight-Tour-In-Oregon-And-Washington-34 Our last stop of the day was Multnomah Falls. You can see the falls in the movie when they did the baseball scene.

What a fun full day we had on Monday.

Next week I will continue our Twilight Tour. You will just love the Cullen’s house.

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