Working on the Living Room

The living room is up next on our to do list!

Since we have to wait for the counter tops to be measured, cut and installed we decided to move on and get the walls ready in the living room.

The living room had two large patches that caused all the walls to need to be re-textured. We had to move the door to the kitchen over a little, and we had to cover a hole that lead into the chimney. Whenever you do a lot of mud and taping always re-texture all the walls since the texture probably will not match the previously textured walls.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-1Since the ceiling looked great we decided to tape it off so that no spray texture would get on it. All the other rooms in the house will get textured on the ceiling because of patching, so this is the only room we needed to tape the ceiling off in. Taping off the ceiling is a great pain. Gravity sure works against you. My girl helped me hold up the paper with a broom to counter some of the gravitational pull. The broom idea worked great, but it still wasn’t fun as you can tell by the looks on our faces.














Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-4Once everything was taped off the room was sprayed with texture. Once sprayed we removed the tape, plastic and paper right away.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-5Then we primed the room.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-6And then painted. This process will be repeated time and time again in each room until we will be able to do it blindfolded – OK maybe not!

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-7Throughout the house this kind of lighting system was installed. Most of the time when you have to do so much construction work in a home the light fixtures just come down, and a plug-in light is brought in. We had lights like the one pictured above installed so that we could just work around it and paint right up to where the sheet rock hole is cut. We just let texture and paint splatter land on it, because we will throw them away when we are all done. It is fantastic to have nice lighting in the rooms we are working in.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-8Once the walls were finished it was time for a more fitting light fixture to be installed. I picked this light up at Lowe’s in the discount area for a great price. My husband installed it, and it looked great!

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-9Well at least it looked great until it was turned on.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-10When turned on it projected what resembled a spaceship design onto the ceiling. Although the light was a great price, the ambiance was not going to work for me!

We left it installed and looked at it for a few days. No the spaceship design was not going to work, so our thinking caps had to be put on.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-11My wonderful husband came up with this idea so that I could keep the light, but not the space age look. He used foil to cover up the holes that were located at the top of the lamp shade, and that seemed to do the trick. Foil should be heat safe and will be easy to replace if we ever need to.

Living-Room-Texture-Paint-And-Lighting-12 Perfect now my living room can be lit with a great priced light, and no weird glow!

It is so nice to have the living room looking good and ready for living in. The only problem is that we will have to cover the floor and use it for storage and a bedroom until the other rooms are done with their transformations.

So no real living yet – No TV – No couch, but we do have a room that is feeling mostly finished!

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